Welcome! This is the site for the Parents Advisory Council for Richard McBride Elementary in the Sapperton neighbourhood in New Westminster, BC. If you are looking for the school’s official website, it is here

We communicate all news on our Facebook page, which you can view whether or not you have a Facebook account.

We’re biased, but we think McBride Elementary is the best K-5 school in New Westminster. The school has about 450 children, in both a regular stream and a Montessori stream. There are about 50 staff members. A PAC supports our school and we invite you to learn more about what the PAC is and what we do. We’d love to hear from you!

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Sluis


What is a PAC?

It stands for Parents Advisory Council. All parents are members of the PAC and have the right to attend meetings, vote, and make suggestions. Our PAC currently meets monthly, in the evening. We provide childcare at our meetings (so long as we get notice!).The PAC has an Executive, consisting of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Members at Large, that are voted in annually in May.

What does a PAC do?

Most people think that our primary role is fundraising. This is definitely the most visible thing we do though our primary purpose is to help build community at McBride. We also advocate for the community at McBride, whether that is at a district or even provincial level for things like seismic upgrading or traffic management. We also work with staff to identify needs we can help with. We act as liaisons for parents who may not feel comfortable navigating the school system. We work with the staff at the school and organize or co-organize most of the extra curricular events such as Movie Nights, Monthly FunLunches, Fun Day, the Holiday Concert, etc. We also maintain an online Google calendar you can sync to your devices, and share as much as we are able on our Facebook page.

What do we raise money for?

Every year, the priorities of what we fund changes slightly based on the needs identified by the administration, staff, and families. For example, one year upgrading the technology might be the most important thing, while another year the focus may be on recreational equipment. We provide funding for every teacher’s classroom to use as they see fit. We pay for maintenance costs associated with the beloved aquarium. We subsidize grade five hoodies and trips. We subsidize field trips. We pay for parent educators and student educational opportunities as well. We cover expenses for children experiencing barriers. We pay to rent the Massey Theatre for the Holiday Concert. We purchase technology and sports equipment. We help fund the music program, the library, and help out as we are able for student-led initiatives such as extracurricular clubs or anti-bullying programs.

What can you do?

We respect that not all families have time or money to give and we see our work as being focused on doing what we can without adding stress. Can’t buy something in a fundraiser? Consider sharing it with your neighbour. Can’t make an evening meeting? Maybe share the Facebook posts or even offer to post stuff on Facebook for us. Don’t have any time to volunteer at an event? Maybe volunteer to collect orders for something else.The reality is that if we are short of volunteers or raised funds, we might have to adjust what we undertake, but all families are different and we respect what you can give. Our goal really is about building community, not making anyone feel bad for being unable to help at this time.

How do you get involved?

Most importantly, let us know you can help. You can reach out to us via Facebook or email at PACMcBride@gmail.com. Come to a meeting – the times are posted in the official school calendar. Talk to any of the PAC Executive on the school grounds. We are here for you and welcome you into the community at McBride.